It's not a greenwashed buzzword for us — sustainability is a guiding principle in everything we do at Aiden Jae. From the jewelry we craft to the packaging we use and how we ship, we strive not just to minimize our impact on the planet, but to drive positive change through our actions.

Sustainability is a journey, and we are committed to transparency as we continue to grow and evolve. We'll be sure to update you along the way. For now, here's how we're currently taking action to reduce our environmental footprint and make a meaningful difference...

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1% for the Planet

We take responsibility and give back to our planet.

We believe that it's our responsibility to protect the environment. That's why Aiden Jae is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, committing to donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental causes.  

"Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the environment and only 5% of that comes from businesses. The planet needs bigger support than this, and our growing network of business members are doing vital work to increase giving and support on-the-ground action. We're excited to welcome Aiden Jae to our global movement," says Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet.

By contributing 1% of our annual sales, we're joining thousands of 1% for the Planet members who have raised over $450 million to support environmental partners around the globe. 1% for the Planet environmental partners are vetted and approved based on referrals, track record, and environmental focus, so we know that our contributions are going where they're needed most.

We invite you to learn more about 1% for the Planet and join us in supporting the environment through your conscious purchasing and personal action.

Monarch butterfly spreading wings while resting on milkweed plant with palm trees and blue sky in background.

Pollinator Partnership

Protect their lives. Preserve ours.

Our Aiden Jae family is passionate about protecting pollinators and preserving biodiversity, as this touches the heart of our delicate global ecosystems. That's why we support Pollinator Partnership, the largest organization in the world dedicated exclusively to pollinator issues.

Pollinators, including birds, bats, bees, and butterflies, play a critical role in our environment, benefiting humans, plants, and animals. However, these essential creatures are facing numerous challenges, and their populations are in decline.

Pollinator Partnership works tirelessly to increase public awareness and take action to safeguard pollinators and their habitats. Their programs focus on conservation, education, and research, aiming to promote the health of pollinators crucial to our food and ecosystems.

Through their initiatives, such as the Bee Friendly Farming program and the Pollinator Stewardship Certification Program, Pollinator Partnership provides technical assistance, training, and support to farmers, land managers, and individuals. These programs empower stakeholders to protect pollinators through habitat creation, pesticide management, and educational outreach.

Pollinator Partnership's dedication extends to specific species like monarch butterflies. Their Monarch Wings Across America project focuses on supporting monarch butterflies through habitat creation, research, and education. Additionally, their Project Wingspan aims to enhance land in the Midwest to establish habitat for monarch butterflies and rusty patched bumblebees, two imperiled pollinator species.

By donating a minimum of 1% of our annual sales to Pollinator Partnership and bringing attention to their mission, we're actively contributing to the conservation and preservation of pollinators, helping to protect these vital creatures and the ecosystems they sustain.

Together, we can create a thriving environment where pollinators can flourish, benefiting not only our natural world but also our communities and future generations. Join us in supporting Pollinator Partnership to ensure the well-being of pollinators critical to our planet's health.