Model with hands in front of eyes wearing yellow gold rings with twisted texture with diamond, white sapphire, and peach sunstone stones.

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Press Kit


Consciously Crafted Fine Jewelry, Made For You To Live In.

Launched in February 2023, Aiden Jae is a woman-owned, purpose-driven small DTC e-commerce business located in South Florida, impassioned by and committed to responsibly producing beautifully designed, affordable fine jewelry, currently shipping mostly made-to-order within the United States and multiple international locations.

With a minimalist-bohemian aesthetic sensibility, our designs transcend trends and instead aspire to subtly distinct, elevated style… special, wearable pieces to be collected and worn for a lifetime.

By offering non-plated solid 9k gold in addition to 14k, we are able to offer high quality fine jewelry at accessible price points, achieving a balance between durability and affordability that is not possible with gold-plated or higher karat jewelry. We intentionally avoid the typical unsustainable and unethical pitfalls of low-cost jewelry: fast-fashion, uninspired, poorly-designed, and poorly-made products.

Our jewelry manufacturing partners are Responsible Jewellery Council certified, the industry standard-setting organization for ethics and sustainability, and we have strong, long-standing relationships with our factory in Thailand, our stone supplier in India, and our chain manufacturer in the US. Our gold is 100% recycled and we only use conflict-free, responsibly sourced genuine stones.

Truly sustainable, our pouches are made by hand in-house with organic wool from a supplier in Italy with a multitude of environmental and animal focused certifications. Every aspect of our packaging is either compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, and/or reusable, and all shipments are carbon neutral through off-setting.

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet and dedicated to donating at least 1% of annual sales to environmental charities with a focus on pollinators, as they are at the heart of maintaining our crucial and delicate global ecosystems and food supply, yet often overlooked when it comes to financial contributions to nonprofits.


Randi Salvato has worked behind the scenes of the jewelry industry for the last 20 years. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Randi was formally trained in painting and sculpture in art school, but after college, working in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and various stints in jewelry retail, she stumbled upon the perfect way to channel her artistic abilities and eye for detail: a career in jewelry merchandising, product development, and design.

Randi honed her craft, most notably for 12 years at Richline Group (the US’s foremost jewelry manufacturer, distributor, and marketer), specializing in creating branded, private label, and licensed jewelry collections for national retailers. She traveled the world working with a variety of factories and suppliers but spent the most time in Bangkok, Thailand, developing a relationship with an incredible manufacturer and taking in the remarkable culture and environment, which had a profound influence on her.

Finally, after moving to the South Florida sunshine with her husband, Peter (our tech, photography, and visual branding expert), and their children (Daniel Aiden and Sadie Jae – the meaning behind our brand name), the stars aligned for her to bring her own ideas and expertise into the light.

Randi’s designs are inspired by nature, time, childhood, and sentimental memories – simultaneously personal and universal themes.

Randi Salvato, Aiden Jae Founder, wearing textured yellow gold earrings and chain necklaces in a cream blouse in front of a tan background.

"Jewelry holds the potential to be a connection to others, to the natural world, to the past, to the future. At its best, it's a reflection of your uniqueness, a way of expressing your individuality, helping your soul shine."

“After being in the jewelry industry for so long, it’s incredibly fulfilling to finally be able to express myself fully as an artist, a woman, a mother, a lover of jewelry, fashion, and nature, and a fierce advocate for sustainability, all while making beautiful things I’m proud to wear myself and share with others.”

–Randi Salvato, Founder


We connect with...

  • Eco-conscious fashionistas who prioritize the environment and value ethically made, high-quality products.
  • Sentimental jewelry collectors who seek out pieces with personal meaning and emotional connections.
  • Ethical gift-givers who want to share unique, meaningful gifts that make a positive impact.
  • Busy moms and active women who value practicality and durability, without sacrificing style or affordability.
  • Budget-conscious jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate craftsmanship and authentic brand stories, looking for high-quality pieces that won't break the bank.

Our community believes that sustainability, style, and affordability can and should coexist, and our jewelry provides an accessible way to achieve this ideal.


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Lifestyle Images HI-RES (coming soon, currently available upon request)

Our signature texture is inspired by the distinctive roots of the Banyan tree, a sacred symbol of longevity. 

Banyan product catalog PDF

Banyan product images HI-RES (coming soon, currently available upon request)

 Model wearing yellow gold link earrings, ear cuffs, rings, and chains with twisted texture next to Banyan tree.

Diamonds, white sapphires, and rainbow moonstones evoke the subtle shimmer of the illuminated night sky. 

Star Light, Star Bright product catalog PDF

Star Light, Star Bright product images HI-RES (coming soon, currently available upon request)

 Model wearing yellow gold and gemstone jewelry.

Energetic sunstones and mystical labradorites... each one catching the light in its own unique way, evoking the colors of the sky as the sun meets the horizon, the magical glow of dawn and dusk, reminding us to cherish life's fleeting moments. 

Sunrise, Sunset product catalog PDF

Sunrise, Sunset product images HI-RES (coming soon, currently available upon request)

 Model wearing yellow gold and gemstone jewelry.

Teeny tiny golden treasures, inspired by love, wonder, nature, and the childhood collections and fascinations that stay with us, whimsical reminders of what is truly precious. 

Minis product catalog PDF

Minis product images HI-RES (coming soon, currently available upon request)

A pair of textured yellow gold mini plumeria stud earrings sitting on river stone with green palm frond in background.