Aiden Jae's gold rings and May Lindstrom Skin's The Blue Cocoon.

A Consciously Crafted Gift Guide

Aside from gift cards for massages, I’m notoriously difficult to shop for. Being extremely picky may be helpful when editing jewelry designs, but does not make for an easy gift recipient. My husband has never even attempted to get me jewelry, for obvious reasons. If anyone asks what I want, I reflexively say “nothing.” I’ve always worked towards being able to get what I want myself and it just feels weird to me to ask for things I don’t necessarily need, especially as I attempt to lead a more minimalist lifestyle. 

However, I’ve finally been able to curate a small group of very special, high-quality, sustainable items that I love to live in daily (just like my Aiden Jae jewelry), and that offer treasured and very needed moments of self-care and personal peace. While I generally gift these to myself, I would gleefully welcome any of them as a present from someone else. I’m sharing this list with the hope that you will treat someone in your life who deserves something special, like yourself!

Nothing here is sponsored and there are no affiliate links — I just genuinely appreciate these things and believe you and your loved ones will, as well.


May Lindstrom Skin

A self-care splurge

The Good Stuff owns its title for a reason. It feeds your skin with a plethora of organic, naturally nutrient-infused oils, imparts a subtle, golden glow, and has the most incredible, kind of indescribable smell… a unique, warm blend of mostly chocolate, rose, and ylang-ylang… with notes of campfire? Whatever it is, I can't get enough of it. When May retired this body oil from her small offering a few years ago, I emailed customer service pleading with them not to take it away from me and my poor, pale legs. And while, admittedly, that sounds a bit extreme, I’m not the only one who was heartbroken. That’s how good it is. But even though it was one of her most beloved core items, the supply of one of the ingredients stopped meeting May’s standards, so she decided to discontinue the oil rather than sell a sub-par product to her customers. As disappointed as I was about not having The Good Stuff in my life anymore, that kind of integrity is what I look for in a business and strive for in my own.

Lo and behold, May’s finally been able to bring The Good Stuff back! But it’s sold out and on waitlist. Whomp whomp. However, ALL of her products are amazing. So while you wait for The Good Stuff, I would recommend trying her newer body oil, The Happy Galaxy. My other favorite is The Blue Cocoon. Again, the scent is otherworldly and I'm unable to accurately describe it… chocolate and blue tansy… icy, sweet, flowery? It's truly divine. The balm instantly melts into your skin to soothe any irritation. Seriously — it’s absolutely magical. She also offers a box of minis so you can sample most of her range before investing in the larger versions.

Is this an expensive brand? Yes. Is it worth it? 100%. Still, it's definitely a luxurious indulgence, so I try to savor and make the most of every drop. It's all quite potent, so a little goes a long way and I make it last as long as I can. There’s nothing else like this line out there (believe me, I’ve looked) and it’s pricey because the ingredients are the highest quality, so it’s expensive to even try to DIY (believe me, I’ve tried). I don’t think I’ve ever seen her offer a discount, but she offers great freebies with purchase, so try to take advantage when she has those available.

Aiden Jae gold rings and May Lindstrom's The Good Stuff body oil.
The prettiest puddle of May Lindstrom Skin's The Good Stuff and Aiden Jae rings.


Till Blush Of Night

An Art Nouveau lover-meets-homebody's dream fit

I don’t get out much these days. Between running Aiden Jae from my home and my never-ending loads of laundry, it’s a miracle I manage to get dressed every day. It’s easiest to just throw on a t-shirt and jeans, but that can start feeling uninspired, and for lack of a better word — schlumpy. So when it’s time to change out of the jeans, I’ve learned to grab that opportunity to transition into something slightly more extravagant, yet way more comfortable. Enter: THE ROBE.

I am obsessed with robes. Now, I'm not talking about terrycloth bathrobes. I mean something fancy. I think everyone should have at least one good robe. Had a rough day? Go put on a fancy robe — instant pick-me-up. The flowier, the better. And while robes are the easiest way to dress up downtime, the right robe can also pull double duty when worn over a going-out outfit. Although, in my fantasy where I own all the robes I've ever admired, I prefer to keep all my going-out robes and all my staying-in robes separate. But I digress.

My robe of choice this year is the Poesie Robe from Till Blush Of Night, a sustainably-minded, fellow woman-owned small business that specializes in beautiful sleep and loungewear, using eco-friendly materials and practices. TBON’s aesthetic is romantic, poetic, natural, and feminine… just perusing the website is a dreamy break from the chaos of daily life. The Moon Cycles Candle also caught my eye while getting the link for the robe, but I’m trying to stay focused here, people!

Till Blush of Night's Poesie Robe.
Till Blush Of Night's Poesie Robe in Yellow.


Kari Gran

A shimmering stocking stuffer

When I do get to venture out into the world, there are just a few things I never leave home without. One of those things is Kari Gran Lip Whip. I don’t stay at home without it, either. I keep a pot on my bathroom counter and another pot in my bag.

With a delicious and cooling hint of organic peppermint oil and a variety of other organic, vitamin-packed oils and good-for-you ingredients, this lip balm delivers instant, soothing relief for dry lips, plus softness, plumpness, and staying power without feeling greasy or sticky. Whenever I remember to put it on right before going to sleep, I wake up with a perfect pucker.

It’s available in a bunch of buildable, mixable colors, but my go-to is Rosie Gold — a sheer, peachy, sun-kissed blush with light gold shimmer. I’m pale as the day is long, but this brings life to my lips and face and I’m confident this shade will look fantastic on any complexion. Simply the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

Aiden Jae gold rings and Kari Gran lip balm.Kari Gran's Rosie Gold Lip Whip and Aiden Jae Banyan Thin Band Rings.



A low-key sexy necessity

What do I wear under my fancy, flowy robes? Why, the most comfortable undies on Mother Earth, of course. I found the Australian brand, Boody, when I was looking for a good sleep bra to wear while nursing my second baby (IYKYK). The only thing better than discovering Boody’s Shaper Bra? Discovering their Boyleg Briefs. I’ve been wearing them for the last several years and all I know is Boody better never go out of business because I don’t want to have to wear whatever cockamamie underwear I was wearing before ever again. My intimates drawer is now a sea of Black, Light Grey Marl, and Nude 2 (if we’re being matchy-matchy, I’m closer to Nude 0, but that made me look pasty, so I pretend I’m tan with Nude 2).

I guess they’re not the kind of undergarments that pop into one's mind when hearing the word sexy, but for me, the minimal aesthetic, cut, comfort, and feel of this underwear is all I need to feel good and confident. And I think that's sexy.

Boody's fabric is so unbelievably soft and silky, and somehow simultaneously supportive, as well. Boody utilizes sustainably and organically-grown, breathable, moisture-wicking, thermoregulating bamboo viscose. Their garments are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified (so important for things we wear against our skin day in and day out) and the company is a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest global standards for social and environmental impact. They regularly have great discounts (especially around Black Friday) and those are the perfect times to stock up.

I remember when I was a kid, getting underwear for the holidays was the ultimate crummy gift (my children still agree with this sentiment). Now, as long as it’s from Boody, nothing would make me happier (except also getting all the other things on this list).

Aiden Jae gold and sunstone rings and Boody's Boyleg Briefs.Boody's Boyleg Brief in Nude 2 and Aiden Jae's Sunset Ring in Sunstone and Banyan Thin Band Ring.


That's all I've got for you. Would love to hear your feedback and other conscious gift suggestions in the comments below...

Happy gifting and receiving, friends!

♡ Randi


Agnes the cat in a Boody box.Agnes repurposing a Boody box as a cat bed.

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